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Richard Catlow FRS Science in Society
"Chemistry: Responding to Key
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Professor Richard Catlow FRS
Foreign Secretary, Royal Society, UCL Materials Chemistry

Richard Catlow holds the post of Foreign Secretary of the Royal Society which dates back to 1723.  The relationship between science in the UK and Europe is in a state offlux and so the role has never been more important. Science has always been a global undertaking and international collaboration has become the norm.

"Richard Catlow is well placed to help the Society negotiate this difficult time and build on the strong relationships we have across the world,” according to Venki Ramakrishnan, President of the Royal Society.

Professor Catlow’s own research applies computer models and experiment to probe the properties of materials. He has made considerable contributions to major areas of contemporary materials chemistry and physics, including mineralogy and the study of electronic, energy and catalytic materials.

He currently has a joint appointment between the Department of Chemistry, UCL and the School of Chemistry, Cardiff University. He has collaborated in Europe, the US, India, China, Japan, Cuba, Africa and Australia and has a particular interest in capacity building programmes in Africa.

In recent public lectures, Richard has explained the contribution that current researchers in the field of chemistry are making to some of the major problems the planet faces with regard to climate change, water supply, pollution management, and energy production.