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Ethos and Conditions of Membership

Keele World Affairs is an educational charity organised by its Trustees to deliver a rich programme in international politics and global issues for the benefit of serious-minded citizens who would like a deeper understanding.

It is supported by speakers of national reputation who give their time without payment and by Keele University which grants use of its facilities. Because its activities result from the unpaid efforts of its organisers, the cost of membership is kept low and maintains the aims of its founder to make knowledge accessible to those in the community of limited financial means.

Therefore being a member of Keele World Affairs is not simply a financial transaction. It brings with it certain responsibilities for everyone who wishes to be a member. The following Conditions explain what is expected if you are a member or hope to become one. They are serious obligations that apply to every member.

The Trustees recognise that its Conditions may not suit all individuals. As a consequence, it is not possible for such applicants to become members or renewal of an existing membership will have to be denied. .

Member subscriptions cover the cost of the series. Therefore only subscribing members may attend.

The Conditions of Keele World Affairs membership are as follows.
Please read ‘More details’ for full information on each element:

Members must register their attendance at every Meeting by scanning their membership card on entry.
Information is gathered for security and safety reasons and to monitor attendance short and long-term
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It is important that members commit to attending on a regular basis.
Our national reputation rests on the promise to every speaker that they will have an audience of more the 300. New members are encouraged to attend at least half the meetings each season. A Trustee sub-committee regularly reviews attendance and has the right to discontinue a membership.
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Members attend for the duration of the Meeting, usually from 7:15 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.
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Members must not bring non-members; attendance is strictly limited to members only; membership is not transferable.
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Members ensure that any mobile device is switched off, do not record or take photographs (copyright offences), and do not make use of laptops during the lecture or Q & A session.
Despite modern trends, KWA has zero tolerance of these matters.
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Members contribute to Q & A Sessions raising questions as much as they can.
Either with the microphone or in a written submission; the discussion break is used to formulate and agree appropriate questions. The chair’s aim is always to enlarge the range of members who contribute at Q & A.
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Members keep their on-line membership record up to date.
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Members permit Keele World Affairs and Keele University to video and take photographs at meetings.
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Members support the success of Keele World Affairs and will benefit more if they also stay ‘connected’ by reading email communications sent to members and by completing the regular feedback surveys.