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Data Protection Policy - Members

Keele World Affairs is an educational charity that offers an adult education programme in the fields of World Politics and Economics, Environmental issues, Human Rights and Health, Science, and related topics. Our speakers are persons of national and international repute in their respective fields.


"GDPR" means the General Data Protection Regulations approved and adopted by the EU Parliament in April 2016. The UK Government has indicated it will implement an equivalent or alternative legal mechanism post Brexit.
The term "KWA" means Keele World Affairs Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registration number 1164457. The terms "Trustee", "we", "us", "our" refer to KWA.
The terms "Member", "membership", "you", "your" refer to subscribers to the KWA adult education programme.
"Speaker" means a person engaged to deliver a lecture in the KWA education programme (past or present), or one who has been identified as a candidate speaker.


This Data Protection Policy applies to current and past Members of the educational programme, and applicants to it. A companion policy applies to Speakers.

Collection, Use and Storage of Personal Data

Regulations require us to establish a "Lawful Basis" to gather Personal Information which is as follows:

data elements

lawful basis

right to see and correct

right to be forgotten

where held


membership number, name, email and postal address


via website



membership status (concession or not)


via website



Bank account details (Direct Debit only)


via website



payments received and refunds


On request


accounts system (encrypted)

survey responses

Legitimate Interest



Cloud server


KWA is the Data Controller for the purposes of GDPR.

By subscribing to the adult education programme you consent to KWA collecting your Personal Data that we need to fulfill delivery (see below).

All personal data is accessible by a strictly limited number of authorised individuals whose role requires it, and extended to those organisations who store or process data on our behalf.

Personal Information will never be sold or passed to third parties for marketing, research, or any other uses, except as required by legislation or court order.

Lawful basis

Rights to See, Correct, and be Forgotten

By logging into the Members section of the KWA website you can see and update your personal data at any time. You can check your payments you make by Direct Debit or Standing Order from your own Bank statements.

The "Right to be Forgotten" implies cancellation of your membership and the surrender of your membership card. Your personal data will be erased from our systems at the end of the year following resignation, to allow queries or errors to be resolved. However, legal obligations relating to our accounts, the licence and legal responsibilities of our Data Processors including money laundering regulations, and the practicalities of backup systems, may partially extend that deadline.

In case of difficulty please email

Data Breach

If we became aware of an illegal access to our database we would inform you as soon as practicable. If you have reason to suspect a breach has occurred please let us know immediately and we will investigate.

Data Processors

A Data Processor is an organisation that provides processing facilities

Members should note that Bank account details entered into GoCardless are implemented through a portal in our website. KWA does not capture that information, and has no means of doing so. KWA has legal agreements with LoveAdmin and GoCardless covering the protection, storage, use, and eventual destruction of personal data. Data lifespan varies according to various legal requirements including money laundering regulations.

Data Use for the Educational Programme

KWA fulfills its legal contract with members to provide an adult education programme in three parts:




preparation notes for forthcoming lectures

by regular emails

a series of meetings, comprising a lecture followed by Q & A session

meetings are live, open only to members of the programme

online video recordings

recordings of most current meetings (that may have been edited) are posted on the website at

The video recordings are freely available to members who wish to revisit lectures, or to catch up if they could not attend, and also to the general public as part of our charitable objectives.

Copyright in the recordings is vested in Keele World Affairs.

This page is based on the document "Keele World Affairs Data Protection Policy - members - v1.0.doc 7 Jun 2018" available here (PDF format).